• A Safe Quick Effective 1060nm Laser procedure leads to a 24% reduction in fat volume thermolipolysis for optimal results with no downtime.


  • Non Invasive Laser Lipolysis 1060nm.
  • 24% permanent fat reduction per treatment.
  • Quick results in 25 minutes.
  • 1060nm wavelength penetrates the skin heats subcutaneous adipocytes causing cellular disruption.
  • Extracullar lipids & cellular debris evacuate naturally by the body within 3 months.


  • 4 non-suction versatile applicators
  • 4 individual treatment spots per session
  • Minimal absorption in the dermis leaves skin’s surface unharmed
  • Laser hyperthermic energy provides collagen & elastin stimulation
  • Advanced cooling system for comfortable treatment
  • 94% satisfied patients