I designed the GTI Cannula® with Sterimedix and the Scar Kit with Intraline because there is a clear need for a safe and effective way to be able to treat patients with minor facial defects or scars without the need to use a needle or blade. The cannula is safe and can be used for the subcision and the injection of filler to lift the skin. The tip makes the device safer than the traditional methods but is highly effective in passing through the scar tissue to release the surface indentation. It can be used by all qualified aesthetic practitioners.

The Scar Kit by Dr. Olivier Amar was designed to bring an easy and accessible solution to GP’s and Practitioners who see patients with hypertrophic or depressed cutaneous scarring. The kit is comprised of everything a practitioner will need to treat a scar during a normal patient consult and includes: gloves, products to sterilize and clean the area, the new GTI Cannula designed by Dr. Olivier Amar, and 1ml of Intraline TWO filler

This GTI (Groove Tipped Injection) Cannula is designed to be safer than a sharp needle used in regular subcision. It reduces the risk of damage to important nerves or vessels, which might otherwise be at risk from a sharp cutting device. It passes through the tissue smoothly, only severing the scar or higher-density tissue, and allows for the injection of filler into the cavity area to plump and fill out the depression.

Subcision is a simple and safe procedure for very deep acne scarring that leaves depressions in the skin. It can also be used for longer surgical scars that have healed with fibrotic strands attached to the underlying subcutaneous tissues that pull the scar down, causing a depression in the skin. It is mainly useful for rolling scars and boxcar scars (distensible, depressed scars with gently sloping edges). This procedure is not as successful for “ice pick” acne scars which look like large, deep pores.